September 22 update & how it affects the meeting

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September 22 update & how it affects the meeting

Post by admin » Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:37 am

This constant flow of instructions and advice are a pain the backside, but so is this nasty Covid virus so please put up with it all with goodwill! After all, we are still being allowed to play.

Here is the latest advice from Table Tennis England.

"September 22 update:
Following the restrictions being put in place by the Government, announced on September 22, there are no major changes to the way in which table tennis and ‘organised’ sport will be able to operate.
Table tennis sessions, which are formally organised by a club, league or similar organisation, in line with Table Tennis England ready to return guidance, can therefore continue to operate as they have been doing with the continued application of the bubble of six rule. Further to this, more than six people would be allowed in the hall at any one time, but it is absolutely crucial that the bubble of six rule is observed. It is important however that once someone has finished their table tennis session that they leave the playing facility and avoid socialising.

We have to watch our bubbles. We’ll put up our curtain to divide the tables. We’ll put out 4 chairs for the storage end plus two playing.

At the entrance, we also should have a max of 2 playing, 4 waiting, plus the treasurer, and all the sanitizer etc to use when you come in. If you haven’t handed over your signed promise to follow the club’s anti-covid rules, please bring that with you.

6 of us have booked in so far, so 6 places left.

As far as only socializing is concerned, you will have to be in the bar as far as I can see.

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